Giorgio Magistrelli, Additive Manufacturing Expert, Will Speak at 3D Printing Materials Conference

G Magistrelli

Giorgio Magistrelli, Additive Manufacturing Expert, Corporate and project manager, Will Speak at 3D Printing Materials Conference

About Giorgio Magistrelli 

Management consultant specifically focused on the regulatory and business aspects of Additive Manufacturing in mature and emerging markets and admitted lawyer, Giorgio developed a credit and venture capital financial experience worldwide as well as experiences as an entrepreneur, manager of advocacy institutions, international donors’ projects, events and communications campaigns, specifically on Europe and Africa, further than in China and Asia Pacific, where he lived and worked for 20 years.

Among his consultancies, in CECIMO (the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries) he is responsible to help positioning CECIMO as a point of reference in the area of Additive Manufacturing (AM) vis-à-vis EU policy-makers and as a contributor to the making of policy and regulations with a view to creating the right framework conditions for the development of metallic based AM in the EU, leverage on industrial AM to further improve the age of the machine tool industry and highlight its role as a key enabling (future-looking) technology , increase the awareness of the Machine Tool industry on latest developments in AM in markets, technology and regulatory & standardization field and establish successful cooperation between CECIMO and actors of the AM value chain, public authorities, academia, research community and standardization bodies in Europe and be a visible partner in AM related activities.