Carbon fibre joins the 3D printing revolution

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Filaflex: Flexible 3D Printer Filament for Your Future Shoes

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Introducing unpolished stainless steel

Today we’re introducing unpolished stainless steel. First, because we’re always looking into expanding our range of materials and finishes. Second… Continue reading

Low-Cost Titanium Powder is the First of its Kind (VIDEO)

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Mark One: World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Now Available for Order

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taulman3D’s New 3D Printing Material is a Bridge to Everywhere

taulman3D continues to add to its strong line of 3D printing materials. The material developer has just released a new, high strength Nylon co-polymer… Continue reading

The Debut of the World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

The world’s first ever carbon fiber 3D printer is set to become available later this year, according to Popular Mechanics. Continue reading

The future for high quality components seems to be in metal 3D printing

Most everyone in the 3D printing industry is well aware that the future for high quality components seems to be in metal 3D printing. Continue reading

The MX3D: A Robotic 3D Printer

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The RoboBeast 3D Printer – The World’s Most Durable 3D Printer

Up until now, 3D printers, while great creations, have been touchy and finicky machines. The slightest movement would displace the print head… Continue reading

Study: Recycling plastic at home saves energy and dramatically cuts 3D printing costs

Depending on if you live in an urban or rural location, recycling plastic into filament could save 3 to 80 percent of the energy it would take to… Continue reading

AddLab 3D Printing Metal Parts in the Netherlands (VIDEO)

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