Introducing unpolished stainless steel

Today we’re introducing unpolished stainless steel. First, because we’re always looking into expanding our range of materials and finishes. Second, you like your metal raw. Third, because some models cannot be polished. And it would be a shame not to print a lot of wonderful designs. 

Several factors make it hard to fully predict the outcome of the polishing process. One of those factors is the geometry of your model, which can react differently each time it is put in the tumbling machine. Overall parts with sharp edges will all either flatten or break off in the tumbler.

Polishing is not advised when your model has tiny details, like pins, because they will break off during the smoothing process. Our support team can generally anticipate polishing issues, and will alert you. In some cases however (e.g. high risk of breakage), it is not possible to anticipate before the model is actually printed and we will send you the unpolished version of your model.