The RoboBeast 3D Printer – The World’s Most Durable 3D Printer

Up until now, 3D printers, while great creations, have been touchy and finicky machines. The slightest movement would displace the print head. A slight knock could cause a 3D printer to become inoperable, requiring professional adjustments. This is no longer the case!  

Introducing the RoboBeast; a 3D printer that was designed to change all that. The RoboBeast is durable, really durable; it’s practically bulletproof. Not only can it be moved during the printing process – it can even print in an upside down position. It was designed to be tossed into a vehicle to be hauled off to remote locations and put straight to work – without requiring fiddling around to get things ‘just right’.

The story of this printer runs deeper than just simply an invention. The inventor behind this creation is a man named Richard van As, a South African carpenter who shot to fame after his story went viral almost a year ago.